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Mixed Use Tower

Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya


This proposed mixed-use tower is designed as a departure from the conventional forms within the city.

We opted to take the tower higher to allow for better land use on the plot. The fluid form is determined by wind direction and the sun path providing optimal self-shading and reduced lateral wind load design requirements. The taller form also allows for a smaller footprint for the tower, better views and less obstruction for neighbouring plots due to the offset from the plot edges.

The sinuous plinth merged to the tower will house the commercial and entertainment amenities for the residents, it will also house all the studio apartments. The ground floor is completely pedestrianised with all vehicles going straight into the basement as they enter. This allows for a safe and people centric environment. The entries for the residential and commercial areas are segregated to allow for the public to access the amenities as well.

The exterior sun shading devices will also act as structure to the building allowing for virtually column free interior spaces. Western and eastern facades will be deep recessed with balconies to compensate for shallow sun angles. The roof garden will help reduce the urban heat island effect and prevent glare to neighbouring plots whilst creating a unique experience for users.